About us

Reece Grant is a London based contemporary streetwear brand, founded by the multi-disciplinary artist, realist, aesthete and designer Reece Grant

Reece Grant biography

Reece Grant AKA Don Teks is a London-based Black British, multi-disciplinary artist, film director, producer, screenwriter, editor and graphic/fashion designer. He was born and raised in Lewisham in South-East London. Reece is mostly known for his viral short film THE HOOD which he wrote, directed, produced and edited at Met Film School. THE HOOD has been a big success and has amassed 2 million YouTube views. Reece has been mentored by BAFTA Winning directors and producers and is a recipient of the 2022 Prince William BAFTA Bursary.  


Before Reece discovered his talent for screenwriting and film directing he was interested in fashion and had plans to study fashion design at college and university. From the age of 15 Reece knew he wanted to be a fashion designer and create his own clothing brand, so he begged his Dad who worked in fashion industry at the time to get him work experience at fashion studio. Reece's Dad got him a 2 week work experience placement at Nico Didonna's studio. When Reece was 16 he then found his passion for photography by assisting his Uncle, and decided he wanted to study Photography and also Media in more depth instead of fashion. Reece decided to study A-Level Photography, Media Studies and Graphic Communications at CTK Sixth Form, and he eventually bought his own DSLR camera to practice photography. Shortly after Reece transitioned to videography, directing and editing music videos, short films, he also went to study a degree in practical filmmaking at one of the UK's leading films schools, Met Film School. But he dropped out of this private university after he released his short film THE HOOD, Met Film School praised him for being one of the best  screenwriters at Met Film School but a few of Reece's scripts unfortunately didn't meet their guidelines because of the subject matter so he felt Met film school was restricting his vision on the type of films he could write, so he interned at model agencies and decided to focus on fashion photography. Reece found it very hard to break through into the fashion industry and his film THE HOOD went viral on YouTube a year later in 2015, so he decided to give film/TV industry one more try as this is the industry he’s most passionate about. Reece hasn't given up with writing and directing  since and is attached to write and direct multiple film and TV projects. Reece returned to fashion last year working with his friend on a collection for a womenswear brand, he designed the logo and multiple clothing designs but his friend was not seeing his vision. Out of frustration from this collaboration and also working a 9-5 job, he launched this brand at end of 2022. Reece decided to put himself first, even though this launch was very spontaneous and he had plans to launch this brand in 2025 he thought that it would be best to put the same effort into launching his own brand where he has full creative control on the designs, and the visual aesthetic and direction of the brand. In 2022, Reece had a great year and gained a lot of recognition from the film and television industry his highlight was being awarded a bursary from BAFTA, he believes his name will be a household  name in the future in the film and television industry and he aims to cross over and do the same in the fashion industry. 

Reece has decided to not be anonymous and to name the brand Reece Grant and attach himself to the brand, because he wants to create an association with the quality and bring his signature dark visual style, which he uses for his films, music videos, photography and graphic designs. Reece will bring the same aesthetic to the garments and ad campaign video/photoshoots. 


Fashion Background

Fashion design is a fairly new chapter for Reece, however he’s not entirely new to the fashion industry as he's previously interned at a few modelling agencies and has worked as a freelance fashion photographer and worked as a graphic designer creating tech packs. Reece has a very sharp eye, from his experience working as a photographer, director and graphic designer. Reece is a perfectionist when it comes to designing products and creating visual content he has excellent attention to detail. 


Reece is passionate about mental health awareness, racial diversity, equality and is eager to promote positivity and self-love. 


Our collections are inspired by movies, South London, and the London street/sub culture, and are designed in South London, with the highest level of detail and care, manufactured by ethical suppliers worldwide. Our logo was inspired by the Medieval and Tudor era, this is why the text is a Medieval font and our monogram is a Tudor rose. Reece's heritage and upbringing is integral to the brand identity, merged with growing up in multi-cultural London surroundings has created the sleek Reece Grant signature. Reece is a big fan of minimalism, black and white photography, realism and noir films, the majority of his Ad campaign photoshoots and videoshoots will alwas be in black and white, like Saint Laurent. Reece's fashion style is minimalistic and he always wears all black, so the majority of his collections will always be black and grey, minimalist clothing items. His favourite fashion designers are Miucci Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, Calvin Klein, Heidi Slimane and Alexander Mc Queen.


It's our mission to create timeless designs, revolutionise trends and evolve our identity globally. The vision is to expand the collection one day to trainers, shoes, coats, jackets, handbags and perfume. 


The majority of the money from this streetwear brand will be used to fund future Reece Grant films, Reece's next short films will be based on domestic violence and mental health. Reece is very eager to raise awareness for both of these topics and will also give back to his community, by hiring and mentoring young filmmakers and actors from underrepresented backgrounds.